Joomla can get better by having CB Pro Community Search

It can be a difficult task if you don’t have the correct tool in place for building a website. People using static web pages will encounter quite a bit of problems when the content increases as it is not so easy to update nor are there any search functionalities in place. Getting around a static website is tiresome and the user needs to constantly add new buttons to achieve this. This is why Joomla’s Content Management System (CMS) has become quite popular as it eliminates these problems.

There are other CMS systems available like Drupal and Wordpress however Joomla outranks them in that is fully functional for end users, designers and developers. Joomla’s strength comes from its ability to work and because it is freeware it is really favored by the public. All software has it flaws and Joomla is no different but it’s nice to know that they are aware of this. They are always striving to better their product with new releases and it shows. They have quite a number of followers together with a superb support that enables one to get over the problematic issues.

Users that are part of the Joomla community are constantly searching for a community builder extension that allows for a better performing platform. Community builder plugins servicing the performance features are developed by the Community Builder group or via third party companies. For example the Community Builder (CB) suite allows for added functions like increasing the number of fields, better workflows and image uploads, improved representation of galleries, walls, blogs and guestbooks are just some of the feature updates. For a more comprehensive list you can always visit Joomla’s website.


Regrettably if you view the forums you can make out that Joomla users are fighting to make extensions operable and you have take it through a process of correction before it functions and in certain situations it is not successful. Frustration comes in many forms which include: one getting kicked out from editing mode, titles not changing in fields, hidden characters and problems reworking code are just some of the many.

All devoted Joomla users will be happy to realize that another wanted tool called the Community Builder Advanced Search (cb advanced search) has been released for the CMS. Community builder search gives one the ability to add a front end search utility within the Joomla environment and can be adapted so that after it is parameterized it can generate automated searches. Discover more about community builder search

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